HR Life helps you implement and optimize all steps of the annual HR cycle in your company. Using best practices we take care of all activities within the scope of Strategic HR.


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HR Life helps you review and optimize your annual performance and development process or based on your requirements, implement this from scratch. Our team will train your managers and leaders to set smart goals, lead quality interviews and understand that this is a very important process that can help them and their team members grow professionally and personally and at the same time improve the organization.

We will explain the annual performance and development process to participants so they will understand the need to dedicate enough attention and time to this process and how to best use it to their advantage. Collecting all the data from the process, HR Life will prepare a training plan and refresh or establish a succession plan for your company. Based on results of the process, HR life experts can also help you form a new system of rewards in your company or optimize the existing one.

HR Life is responsive to your wishes and needs and can include other topics and questions important to you into the process or conduct a short engagement survey to better understand the organizational climate.


Do you have a clear understanding who will replace your key associates if they decide to leave your company? Would you like to retain your key associates and motivate them to stay? Employers are well aware that considering the short termination notice periods of employees, it is almost impossible to hire an adequate replacement from the labor market on time. Smart & prudent employers work in a preventive way and invest time in preparation of a succession plan as they are aware of the lack of suitable candidates in the labour market.

A well prepared sucession plan identifies stand-ins and sucessors for all key and critical positions in the company as well as the level of experience/maturity for their next job position. The organization identifies the level of risk in this area and can prepare a corrective action plan with clear retention plans for employees in key positions and development plans for their successors or even identification of potential external replacement candidates. A well prepared sucession plan assures business continuity and prevents the loss of compoany know-how.

If you think a succesion plan is also something your company should have, but do not know how to implement it or you lack time, HR Life experts can help & support you in all steps of preparing a quality and practical succession plan taking into consideration multinational companies best practices.


Would you like to raise the level of social dialogue within your company or introduce this? Does the negotiation process represent a major concern for you? HR Life experts help you improve or establish social dialogue in your company. We proactively participate as mediators to help you understand your social partners, their frustrations and expectations. At the same time we provide social partners the reality of their expectations as an independent third party and present them the possible alternatives in a specific company situation.

HR & Legal experts of HR Life help you negotiate your company collective agreement, social agreement or other agreements with your social partners. We ensure that the agreements are legally correct and compliant with the legislation and other binding collective barganing agreements as well as your internal regulations and acts.


Did you know that Article 32 of the Slovenian Health and Safety at Work Act (ZVZD-1) stipulates that every employer in Slovenia must plan and implement the promotion of health in the workplace and provide the necessary resources for this? The employer and responsible persons, who fail to plan and determine the promotion of health in the workplace in the Safety declaration with a risk assessment, or fail to provide the necessary resources or a way to monitor its implementation, may be fined.

The cost spent on activities for the promotion of health in the workplace can, under certain conditions, be fully tax deductible. The HR Life expert team will prepare or update an Internal regulation on Workplace Health Promotion and the Workplace Health Promotion Plan for your company on your behalf and ensure your company compliance in this area. After consulting with all stakeholders and considering available resources, health risk assessment and your wishes, HR Life can provide a set of systematically targeted activities and measures tailored to your company requirements to maintain and strengthen the physical and mental health of employees.

In addition, the HR Life team can help you to organize activities and measures. Workplace health promotion activities and small employer gifts can significantly improve job satisfaction.. This shows the employer cares about his employees and their well-being. Satisfied employees are the best company representatives and make an important contribution to facilitating the employment of new employees and the promotion of the employer’s brand.


Fair & appropriate pay is a basic prerequisite for employee satisfaction as well as a condition for attracting new, qualified personnel. Employee job satisfaction and thus their managers, is therefore crucial for the stability and further development of the company.

Both the salary model and reward system must be developed as a clear company strategy, which job positions and which tasks will be benchmarked and paid at a higher rate. HR Life experts will in compliance with your wishes, prepare a modern, simple, fair and financially sustainable salary model and reward system for your company. In order to gain the necessary support and buy-in of your social partners, HR Life experts will include them in all key phases of the project.


Is your job systemization outdated or incomplete and no one on your HR team has time to update it? The Job Systematization Act is a legally required internal act for every employer and is also very important for understanding the organization of the company. It is one of the employer’s internal acts which must in accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 10 of the Slovenian Employment Relationship (ZDR -1) always be available to employees in an accessible place where employees can at any time become acquainted with its content.

The purpose of such a publication is so that employees can familiarise themselves with the conditions for occupying a job position, such as: required and desired knowledge, experience, skills and candidates personal characteristics. The Job Systematisation Act also determines the responsibilities and employees authority for each job position and it is closely linked to the Safety statement with a risk assessment. The complexity of the job and the working conditions also affect the level of salary and other benefits for each job position. The job systematisation can be changed partially (change of job description) or in full. The changes need to be “confirmed” by worker’s representatives in accordance with Article 10 of ZDR-1. In practice, changes in the overall job classification mostly occur in the case of major reorganization within the company.

The awareness of future changes usually increases the level of employee stress as they become concerned that their job might be terminated. Therefore keeping an open and clear dialogue with social partners is crucial at the time of reorganization. However, the reorganization of the company’s job systemization is an excellent opportunity to reorganize business processes, redefine the job content and overhaul internal acts. Namely, orderly and transparent documents bring great added value, as they enable fast training and onboarding of employees and enable faster and more transparent introduction of changes.

Regardless of the reason for the need for change in the Job Systemization Act, HR Life experts will help you partially or completely upgrade this area, including the preparation or updating the risk assessment, possible impact on the salary model and reward systems and possible optimization of processes and tools. HR Life experts will also legally support you in all stages of termination or changes of employee contracts due to reorganizaton.